Multipurpose Baskets

Evolution & New design of Modern Kitchen change the shape & size of house hold utensils, giving birth to multi-functional drawer baskets. With different functions and demand of narrow dishes, medium sized plates & containers, multi functional drawer baskets make use of every inch so as to increase convenience of storing & getting utensils & containers etc. These baskets are more noble, stylish, splendid and convenient.

Plain Basket


Plate Basket

Plates can be stacked in a row in these baskets.

Partition Basket

Partition Baskets are available to create separate compartments for storage.

Cup & Saucer


These Baskets are useful in storing cups & saucers in an organised way and also prevents breakage.

Cutlery Basket

Arrange your all cutlery in the right order according to their usage frequency in these baskets.

Perforated Sheet Cutlery

The perforated cutlery are made from stainless steel sheet & can be easily removed for cleaning.

Bowl & Plate Basket


Arrange bowls, plates &  dongas in a systematic way.

P.V.C. Tray

Grain Basket with Frame

Designed especially to store Atta & Rice. Stainless Steel frame for smooth operation & Longer life. Loading Capacity - 50kg.


Bottle Basket

Arrange bottles & Jars in an organised way along with other vessels.



Glass Basket


Arrange the glasses in a proper way avoiding breakage.

Large Baskets


Different types of large containers & utensils, which need bulk storage, can kept in these baskets

P.V.C. Cutlery


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