Corner Units

Create space in your kitchen’s deep and difficult to access corners with distinctive carrousel, D-tray & full round carrousel units. These innovative & individually 2 tier revolving systems fit smartly in the dead corners & make usage convenient for you. They are great for storing saucepans, cooking utensils & other odd and ends.

Corner Carrousel Unit (3/4) 270°

Full Round Unit 360°

D - Tray System(1/2) 180°

It's a magical product, in which combined swivel & Pull Out techniques developed on sliding technology to give easy access to dead & difficult to reach Corners. As we pull out the front part of the Cabinet a follower mechanism moves the back part of the corner unit towards front, allowing easy access to back baskets of corner units.

Shutter Width = 400mm (16")


Universal Magic Corner.

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