Malaysian Sal

Raw Material
Sal wood comes from Sal tree. Sal tree is straight and cylindrical and attains good length so you can longer lengths in Sal. Sal comes from Malaysia and other countries and is a little less expensive when compared to teak


Implementation Raw Material
Sal wood is available in the market as Timber logs whereas some vendors are also selling custom frames that could directly be used in door and window frames. If you buy a log then you would need to cut the log into the required frame sizes and then let the door season. Seasoning is a process where you let the moisture in the wood dry to an optimal level. In normal dry warm weather, it is suggested that seasoning for about one month is recommended. After seasoning the timber logs, the logs are then used in the construction work as required.


Sal wood is a rough construction wood. It is used for strength but not for finishing. Sal wood's surface have small cracks so they are finished with Paint or Oil but are not recommended for polishing.


  • Maintenance of Sal wood is easy as Sal wood is durable, termite resistance and remains free from fungi for a long time.
  • Direct sun light on Sal wood should be avoided as it can result in cracks in the wood member.
  • As the surface of the Sal wood is usually finished with paint, cleaning the wood would just require wiping with cloth.


  • 25 to 30% heavier and 45 to 50% harder and durable than teak wood.
  • Resistant to termites, white ants and from fungi for a long period.
  • Sal wood is durable and water resistant wood.


  • As Sal wood is very hard, it is not easy to saw and work with.
  •  This wood does not take Polish.
  •  Direct sunlight can cause cracks to Sal wood remember if you are planning for Sal wood flooring or furniture protect them form direct sunlight.
  •  Can not be used for exterior doors or furniture.


Sal wood is used for door and window frame, wooden beam, batten, piles and tool handle etc. It is not suitable for shutters and furniture.


Sal wood is 30% heavier than teak wood i.e. its weight is from 900—1000 kg/ cum.


Sal wood is close grained hard and heavy. It is 50% harder than teak.


Termite effect
It immune to white ant and insects attack and fungus for long period.


Sal wood is 20—30% stronger than teak. In shock resistance it is about 45% above teak.


Color Range
Pale brown in color, darken on exposure.

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